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Yep my journal is friends only.
Unlocked stuff is convention reports/pictures.

Please comment when you add me and let me know where you've found me. I won't add random journals.

My scanning journal is kitto_daijoubu with alchemy_of_yaoi

Hello darkness my old friend..

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The title really has nothing to do with what is up with me, I just thought it was HILARIOUS because of Arrested Development.

I still stop by live journal now and then but I haven't had the urge to post. I'm usually on twitter, writing fleeting stuff.

I graduated farmingdale with my bachelors, finally, and I'm looking for a new job soon. I'm still with Disney, and I love Disney so I may just look to transfer somewhere. It's easy being at the store, funny enough, just because I've been there so long. I hit my three years in August and that is a big deal. I handle visual and training now, in fact I should be asleep because I train early tomorrow but I felt compelled to write.

Since I wrote an entry, my grandmothers both died...sad it took me this long to write and even note that...

It looks like I'm moving in a couple of months. David and I are going to have our own apartment, but I just have to be interviewed by the coop board, so here's to that. I feel like it'll work out, it's a lovely place in Rego Park just a block from the R/M

Funny enough, David now works with me! we hit 10 years in September and will be going to Disney World and staying at the grand floridian. Incidentally, that was also when some cast mates planned to go and so we became one big group! It'll be a lot of fun, I love these guys.

In a few weeks I'll be heading out to San Diego for SDCC! I was lucky enough to grab tickets through a friend. I'm staying with a close friend and her family who are like bending over backwards to take care of me. I stayed with them in April before bitecon and they were just...amazing. Her mom treated me to san diego zoo, and my friend's brother, her and I were just having so much fun and her mom kept saying it was like she had another daughter. Even their cat was overly affectionate with me. SO yeah, I'm super duper excited to like see my friend again and chill with her family. I WISH I could visit them all the time.

For SDCC I'm staying with Victoria and some girls who use to work at my job who moved to LA. It'll be a fun room, as everyone is chill and honest.

I'm also going to NYCC this year! And howlercon..and bitecon... fuck guys I love teen wolf, leave me alone!

Uhm... I don't know what else is going on. I'm gonna cosplay at both SDCC and NYCC. Specifically Ms. Marvel (kamala kahn) and Anna (coronation dress).

aaanndd that's it i guess. will make that attempt to write more often.


Subaru: How I like 'em


Favs under the cut as always.
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Thurs & Friday night I was... so drunk. So. DRUNK. Saturday I woke up feeling like death, that wasn't exciting at all. I had so much fun being gay assassin's with Amanda tho!


Assassin's Creed: Ezio - KIRA!

So all pictures can be seen [H E R E ]

Favs under the cut.



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I just got back from my second interview with diiiisney! Yup that is who i had last week and they HIRED me! ( on the spot too!) see ya at Time Square! i am just so incredibly happy!

I actually snagged an interview with Apple buuuut that will have to be canceled me thinks.

Also i think i will stay at sears for now and help out when they need me. I hate the customers but i think helping out will be good. And exxxtra money.

Well i sure am on cloud 9 :) i saw harry potter today with vick before my interview and cried AGAIN so i was a bit afraid XD i looked like a mess ahaha. But apparently i am a good sales person! Who'd a thunk it?!

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Friend Cut.

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Cut a bunch of people who either hadn't updated their journal in a while or who I have no clue who they are OR BOTH.

Feel free to do the same, no hard feelings ya know? I just don't really care ahaha.

Everyone's going and I want to go too!

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honesty meme

Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously about what they really think of you.


Katsucon 2010

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Wow this con came and went! I had a greaaatt time and I've love to attend next year. Though I plan to take advantage of the other amenities I missed out on the hotel offered.

The hotel was really awesome and pretty. Apparently we aren't kicked out (I don't know how, did we all really spend all that money? I WANT MY CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES). The con was also pretty good though I didn't really do anything with it aside from hosting a panel and the masquerade. Tara was awesome enough to let us help her out with her skit. I think it came out really good, and they got a judges award for it! I've never seen Katsu's judging system and was shocked at how rigid it was.

I spent more than I wanted to on more figures ahhaah... I'm so sad, I have a problem.

To everyone I saw, I had a great time with you! Too many to list and I'm not feeling the best but you know who you are and guuhh just the best crowd to have spend the con with! Even if I was all over the place.

Anyway here are some pictures, as usual the rest can be found in my album [ H E R E ]

Some of my favorites are under the cut.

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this is our, "geass" face



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It was a real chill con. COLD and it SNOWED and that was fun. It was lacking one very important person, though... minuberry ! It was a bit depressing but turned into a fun day. I loved seeing everyone and meeting some new people, including an Arashi fangirl in artist alley. I ate some Rutgers cuisine and it wasn't too bad! I have some pictures, describing the craziness of the day, cosplay, hanging and... IDK what else. I wish I could've stayed longer but I'm sort've not envious of sleeping over.

This is brought to you by the cosplay judges, Randy, Simon and Paula and Paula's ho.

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More can be found here.

Web Comics

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So I read a lot of these and I've been meaning to make a post of all of them I read and pass it on. I listed them in order of how I found them~



So things are not the best...

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I'm sure you've all heard of the floods happening in the Philippines... From the people on my FL (yes you guys, I've been listening closely!) I'm happy to see you are okay but I'm still worried. It still rains so there isn't much chance to get a break but I hope you will all continue to be okay.

For those of you not familiar with what's going on, here's a story in pictures by Jin (a Philippino cosplayer) [ H E R E ]. Maybe someone most of you can relate to more?

I hope everyone will be okay and it won't get worse than what's happening.

New York Anime Festival 2009

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Ummm so NYAF happened? The con itself wasn't spectacular but I had a ton of fun with my friends. Con report? What's to report?

Friday -
Didn't see the con, skiiiit the whole time

Saturday -
CURRY ARC FOREVER! Taking pictures, going to Go Go Curry and then HSM times.

Sunday -
Chillaxing the whole time. Actually saw some of the con. Then went out to dinner


lol this is the shortest con report but let me say this... to everyone I saw this weekend, even for a little bit I loved being with you and I hope we can see each other a lot more (especially outside of cons) which I do with most of you anyway.

PICTURES CAN BE FOUND HERE! Yes they were stolen from sleepy_syusuke and I uploaded some of them...

As usual here are my favs Read more...Collapse )


An open letter.

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You'll never see me write a public post like this, but this is more of an open letter.

Dear Mei-Ling,

Recently I was reminded of you in an article about Chinese adoptees (yes I know you're Taiwanese but I was reminded). After our last exchange how I "didn't get it" and was "too harsh and critical" I actually didn't care to read your blog any longer. You rehashed the same issues and I couldn't believe how you accused me of the one who "didn't get it". I remembered though, you were on your way to return to Taiwan and meet your birth family face to face. I read your entries and even though we have different views on adoption, I'm glad you were to make it over there and see for yourself. I hope it makes your life a little easier to live and it may takes years to organize exactly how you feel about what took place but... good luck.

Reading all your entries didn't make me change my mind about how I feel and I doubt as many reunited stories I read it ever will. We have different circumstances of adoption, and our lives are different. I am thankful for my adoption, now I am. I wasn't when I was younger but I was a selfish preteen who didn't understand the importance of a warm bed and hot meal with a roof over my head. I have a wonderful life with wonderful friends and a wonderful future ahead of me. I hope you don't continue to think those who are happy with life as an adoptee as "delusional" or still in the "adoption fog" because that's just ignorant and close minded.

So good luck on your next chapter in your life.


Otakon 2009

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It's been long enough so lets get on with the show!

The Good
  • Going to hooters with sleepy_syusuke , alchemy_of_yaoi , doorknocker_dog , kimmy16 , xemo_ninjax & ratsteeth ~ Good food and pretty girls.
  • Running a successful panel.
  • Having spectacular roommates.
  • Our room being an American sized room <3
  • Pfftt getting resident visits from psychelock , morninglow and x_notsosilent_x ... they ended up staying and talking while eating ice.
  • JE MEET! So mcuh fun~
  • FFFF High School Musical cosplay going great. The death note cosplayers hated us but still admitted it was cool.
  • Hanging out with friends on Sat. and enjoying ourselves~
  • Getting badge replaced with no problem (FUCK YOU NYAF AND YOUR STUPID SYSTEM)
  • Smooth check out and easy ride home.

    The Bad
  • The ride there, I was falling asleep and no one in the car stayed awake!
  • Snags in relationship. Bah. Thanks to those who were with me to cheer me up and calm me down.
  • Losing my badge, so smart I am!
  • Being unable to sleep because of neighbors and/or fighting.
  • Missing so many people to meet up with...
  • LINES. Everywhere! It's like Disney world without Mickey.
  • My GPS freaking the fuck out and deciding not to work.

    SPECIAL THANKS: To all those who cam to my panel to support me! That meant SO very much to me and... GAH SO HAPPY! Never did I expect a turn out like that one where they turned people away. I loved how nice the audience was and... YOUUU GUYYYYYS. Also more thanks to tech support who was so nice and helpful XD; I was so nervous and they gave me encouraging words!


    Even though I didn't take many...
    PIIICTURESCollapse )

  • Friend-Cut

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    Cut some people who haven't updated in a year, or have nothing in common with and community clean up.

    If you want on again (you read but just don't feel like updating or something else) feel free to comment.

    Likewise feel free to unfriend me, no questions asked.

    AnimeNEXT 2009

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    I've been travelin
    on this road to long
    Just trying to find
    my way back home
    The old me
    is dead and gone
    dead and gone

    On the ride home I just turned and looked to Vicky when this song came on (being stuck in Stanen Island traffic for 1hr) and we both agreed that was our song for the con.

    The Good
  • Rooming with the girls, it was a lot of fun and full of special times.
  • Eating semi-well, it kept me alive.
  • Panels went so much better, for some reason anime/mangaNEXT always had the best audience reception. To all who cam to AniMyu & ConBudget thank you!
  • Spending less than $200 at this con. Including tolls & food & hotel room and everything else. WUUUT?
  • Going to the rave for the first time in 5 years and having fun. Though I felt at one point the music felt slow. Sometimes I wish they moved away from DDR music and gone into more main stream music. They mixed Womanizer well~
  • Not drowning in the flooded bridge
  • Hanging out with old friends and new ones. Gawd, cosplayers under 18 have so much talent!
  • Seeing a Charles cosplayer who spoke Ebonics. That is EXACTLY how I imagined him to be.
  • The mixed portion of the 18+ dating game killed me. In a GOOD way.
  • Parking was okay (IT WAS FREE!)

    The Bad
  • Where was this con? LOCATION WAS THE WORST THING. So out of the way from commuting, even driving there wasn't fun. Artist Alley in a small hallway in front of panels? I couldn't look at the art comfortably without someone bumping into me.

    Everything was everywhere. If they thought I was going to walk across the way to get to another part of the con they thought wrong. I felt like the con was everywhere but no where, it was just too confusing.

    Food, driving to get food sucked. Yes there was food inside of the con and honestly it was well priced. However, not everyone eats the same thing. More of a variety would be nice and useful.
    Also, all food places shutting down at 11pm? Not cool. Noooot cool. at 12am it'd be nice when we have 4 more hours of work a head of us. Sorry, even living in Farmingdale where pretty much everything was a small business I could still order food at 2am.

  • The cross over from the double tree to the main place wasn't really useful because of the crowds.
  • Feeling let down by the dealers room. Maybe I'm just at that state of mind recently.
  • Sub-par masquerade. A few good skits, a lot of really horrible. Nothing in the middle.
  • I was so over scheduled I had no time to find people I really wanted to spend time with.

    The Ugly
  • Nothing too horrifying but the confunk was pretty strong at this one.

    Over all feeling: Better than Anime Boston, maybe because it was closer to home, but not by much. If they stay at this venue I won't return.

    Find some pictures here.
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    Anime Boston 2009

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    The Awesome
    • Getting a ShamWOW

    The Good
    • Driving to my first convention ever and making it there alive!
    • Having great roomates who were mindful of each other and paid~ (doorknocker_dog , elf_1half , __kaze__ , sleepy_syusuke , rhapsody_in_rue and her boyfriend, and Miranda (our room/line Ninja))
    • Cooosplay group with David and Natasha. Pretty much being ourselves.
    • Getting a room with a view! FINALLY!
    • lololol not standing in line for the masquerade. Panelist FTW!
    • Running the panel AniMyu & Prince of Tennis. Learned a lot more like doing a panel a few hours beforehand is not a good idea. I really had no choice and was pretty dead... better next time!
    • Haaaaanging out with everyone. Seeing people, even for a brief second, was awesome. I know we were all busy and like "GAH MUST DO THIS"
    • Eating meals. Keeping them down was another story, but at least I ate them!
    • Arriving home. Guh.

      The Bad
    • DAT. CON.
    • Cosplay? Wut? Did anyone try? This refers to the ones I DIDN'T know. Really, saw no surprises. EXCEPT THAT PETSHOP OF HORRORS DUO. Other than that...
    • CosPlot... what. the. fuck. Was there any point to that?
    • Vomiting after every meal for two days. Don't know how I did not get dehydrated.
    • Elevators! The little shits that thought "lololol LETS PRESS EVERY BUTTON IN THE ELEVATOR." Next year I'm investing in a jet pack or something.
    • Taking 16 flights of stairs to get to the room.
    • DRIVING HOME FROM DAT CON. Srsly. Rain marking the end of the world? Not fun. GETTING A FLAT TIRE 30 MINUTES FROM HOME? ABOUT TO DIE. Without that random guy who helped us we'd still be in Long Island City.
    • Dealers room having like... nothing.

      The Ugly
    • MASQUERADE! Save for a few skits... what WAS that? This isn't animenext you know! (zing)
    • This is my 23rd convention......... AND I GET CONFLU. FIRST EVER. Got a bad cold. Not a happy camper. Not with AnimeNEXT in two weeks D:

      The Outcome
    • After going to AnimeBoston for 6 years I think it's my time to stop. Unless they get a freakin' amazing guest I just can't push myself to go anymore. I really sat and asked myself; "So why am I going?" I got nothing =/

      ANYWAY. I know what you want... Con pictures can be found here!

      But here are a couple of my favorites:
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    So bored...

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    Waiting on ONE GIRL to leave (6-7pm) so I'm sitting here on the public computers bored. I'm at least thankful we HAVE these! I'll probably be jumping on meebo but for now...

    Ask me any question you've always wanted to know about me or my life or my opinions on something and I will answer it. You can ask as yourself or even anonymously!

    NYCC '09

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    So New York Comic Con was this weekend and tons of fun for me.
    the report, only two days... not long.Collapse )

    NOW PIIICTURESoh yes there is NinaxTable lovingCollapse )

    The complete pictures can be found [ H E R E ]

    NYAF 2008

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    No huge con report but pros/cons. Commute from home via LIRR which was... interesting.


    Pros: :D
  • Hanging out with psychelock most of the con. Talking about musicals and guy love and spinzaku.
  • Getting to hang out with chienverde more and spaz and TeniMyu and growing up in Corona together. XD; that was really freaky to learn!
  • Cosplaying Ouran and doorknocker_dog gaining fangirls. Holy shit that was so funny.
  • The masquerade was a lot of fun and I loved Jin and Mario's skit... but the fail of those in my aile hurt so much.

    Tina: Where was the gundam?
    me: huh?
    Tina: You said it was a skit between Suzaku and Zero... Zero, like the system Quatre used.
    Tina: Ugh! Same difference!

    Tina: oh we almost aimed at the wrong person. We ended up pointing at the ceiling though because we were blocked.
    me:... HOW?! Not only did I show you the Suzaku figure but they're costumes are two different colors.
    Tina: We forgot!

    Then a few weeks later we were talking about something and...
    Tina: I get confused between Gundam00 and Code Geass, the two main characters look the same to Like... that guy.. Tieria, with the pink sweater and that girl with the pink hair.
    me: -so confused- Huh? Gundam00 has four main characters! But I'm surprised you know Tieria!
    Tina:... But, one of them was in love with her and the two main characters have the love/hate thing.
    me: OH, GUNDAM SEED! Not 00! Yeah I guess they're similar but... how the hell did you know Tieria?!

    ... I'm still confused on that but I think now I know no more anime for Tina.

  • "Hush your face and host me"
  • Learning more about TTGL than I ever needed to/wanted to know. EVERYONE COSPLAYED IT!
  • Me dragging in Madi into an insane plan that is insane.
  • Teaching doorknocker_dog all about CG and in the end...

    me: and Lelouch's little sister is named Nunnally
    Natasha: Lelouch's mother doesn't know how to name things. She should be shot.
    me: -falls over laughing- SHE WAS!!!

    Cons: D:
  • Commuting. LIRR you hurt.
  • Being stuck in front of McDonalds waiting for Pris and Dora on Friday and this creepy guy comes next to me, sits down, ties a "fight japan!" thing around his head and no shit begins to meditate. I saw a NYAF pre-reg thing in his bag and was texting them both "get your ass here nao".
  • Suddenly the masquerade line dissolving and people running inside and yeah no organization with that. Awesome.

    what I forget?
  • Otakon 2008

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    I wrote most of the report a week ago and LJ hickuped and erased everything. So just some pros and cons and favorite pictures.

    Otakon was my 20th convention and first Otakon~


    pros: :D
    • GOING
    • Getting a Lelouch figma figure and tons of artwork. (nissa half) i got you something but I keep forgetting to get your address ;;>_>
    • pretty much watching all of Code Geass while in Baltimore.

      me: So, what's a really popular anime now I should know about?
      David: Code Geass, everyone's into it.
      me: Are there any inside jokes?
      David: You should know about the Euphinator, but more important spinzaku.

      Friday at the dating game
      "So Suzaku, what is your favorite fighting move?"
      "A spin kick"
      me: ;o; I understand!
    • Aquarium! And seeing the JAM Project there~ (if you've been, the aquarium has a sort've one way route you take and we ended up being behind them most of the time.
    • Staying with heerojf was a lot of fun
    • Holy shit meeting a crapton of JE friends at the JE meet, then seeing bad, bad japanese videos with them =D. You guys who know what this now means right? We need to do a group cosplay next year <333 It was amazing meeting you all.
    • Meeting new people through the Reborn group
    • Them being so nice and going to Hooters with me <3
    • MAFIA, and then two weeks into the semester seeing residents play the same version they did and someone screwing up way more than I did >_> WRITEN RULES NEXT TIME PLEASE
    • SEEING knightvision AND neverender randomly~ XD I... did not recognize them at all. I was walking toward the cross over walk to the restaurants and I hear distantly "JUUUUBEEEEEIIIIII" and it was then ;_; I almost cried.. It really has been a long time.
    • Finishing Code Geass on the train ride home. XD; and then realizing I skipped like the first 8 episodes...
    • morninglow and I talking about HSM!Fail!Louch and Ashford school musical.

      Cons: D:</lj>
    • AMTRAK! If I knew it was so crowded and not user friendly would have packed less. I hated it, never again!
    • D: J-F had no cable. We watched the Olympics but.... NO CABLE?!
    • Ugh shootings. We past by one about 2am and the officer said "We can't find the shooter, he got away." NOT COOL.
    • Not being able to see the PW mock trial.

      Under the cut are some of my favorite pictures~ Including me as Rose from FMA that no one saw XD; ( I DID wear it at the con! )

      otakon picturesCollapse )

    NYAF Pre-Registration

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    I'll do Otakon's con report soon, I promise.

    But I'm in a group where we need 2-3 more people for pre-registration's group rate. we need to know by tuesday so you'd get a weekend pass at $50. We're just SO close so I hope we can do this.

    If you want to join in please leave your
    Full Name:
    Method of paying $50 (Paypal or cash)

    $5 is a lot to save ya know XD;;;

    All comments are screened <3

    Friends Cut

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    Did one of mostly inactive journals and such.

    If you just haven't updated but been reading and want to stay on let me know and I'll add you back.

    Consequently if you want to take me off yours but feel guilty or something :P don't. Take the time now to do so now.

    animeNEXT 2008

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    So I loved animeNEXT this year, and I say that after hating it for the past two years.

    FridayCollapse )

    saturdayCollapse )

    The con is over and boy was it fun! AnimeNEXT was pretty decent after a couple of years of being not so much fun. My next con?

    OTAKON! So. Who’s going?

    Anime Boston 2008

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    I’ll preface this by saying… I haven’t been to a good con in at least two and a half years. I didn’t have a great time at AB last year; AnimeNEXT is getting worse…But AB this year rocked for me. I hope AN also will change for the better but who knows.

    So, let me start with Thursday!

    THURSDAYCollapse )

    FRIDAYCollapse )

    SATURDAYCollapse )

    SUNDAYCollapse )

    So here I am! Here are my pictures…

    When others upload theirs (my friends) I’ll add them because we had great fun. All in all it was an amazing con. I will SO be going back next year. The staff was so good to me and helped me greatly when I needed it.

    Now, who survived the lines at AB? They should all get a free t-shirt.


    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    Did a friends cut. Mostly dead/dying journals.

    If you want to be added back then comment.

    Anime Next '07 - Report

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    Okay so let me start this report.

    Read more...Collapse )
    NOTE: Parts of the report are subject to change as I remember them.

    Now for some random pictures I stole.

    Read more...Collapse )

    Massive Scan Post

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    Hey, massive scanning post. Number one. Number two will be up next week at some point. (Shirota’s ESL experience in Australia and the Gekkiranger special in New Type: Live)

    -November 2006
    -December 2006
    -May 2007
    ***Features many many many pictures of Endou, Yanagi and Shirota, also it seems Araki and Sukki have been featured in it a lot as well. Random shot of Kato Kazuki
    note: Yanagi is always in some sort of special costume. >_>
    Special: Cooky Clown which Yanagi is featured in

    PASH (WARNING: This is an extremely difficult magazine to scan, it’s bigger than my scanner so if you’d like something rescanned let me know.)
    -May 2007
    ***Featuring Mamo. Honestly is he in this EVERY month? I guess so... In January his SISTER! Was featured in it X3 she’s so cute.
    ***D-boys also has a month feature in this, new ones such as Seto and others. (May features Seto’s new drama) Specially featured on Araki and Sukki and blurbs on others
    ***Air GearMyu introduction to the characters
    ***Saitou had a two page interview. Kato’s new single is mentioned. Naoya makes an appearance.

    Top Stage
    -March 2007
    ***Hedwig and the Angry Inch
    ***Moriyama and Washio’s new play
    ***Kaji and Endou’s new play
    ***Just Yanagi
    ***RikkaiMyu’s review
    ***Random mention of Sweeny Todd which Shirota played the in love Sailor. I saw this musical here in NY and I have to say it was an amazing story! But…why is Shirota the only one with such an embellished costume?!

    November 2006

    Read more...Collapse )

    December 2006

    Read more...Collapse )

    May 2007

    Read more...Collapse )

    January 2007
    Read more...Collapse )

    May 2007
    Read more...Collapse )

    Top Stage
    March 2007
    Read more...Collapse )

    Comments not needed but appreciated. Credit please if using scans <3

    Anime Boston 2007

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    So… convention? In my mind I kept thinking “the good, the bad and the ugly.” This may sound like manly good things but I can’t write down the anxiety I had from losing people and worrying over the masquerade and other niches. (also what I felt for friends I felt that were wronged)

    Anyway, lets go over some statistics:

    This is my last convention in my high school. I went to my first in 7th grade (BAAF)and now 12th end it with Anime Boston. I’ve gone to a total of 13 conventions.
    This is my 4th Anime Boston, also my 4th year in knowing; heerojf , shmeebs , and flyingmachine .

    So college, what will you bring me next year?

    THURSDAYCollapse )

    FRIDAYCollapse )

    SATURDAYCollapse )

    SUNDAYCollapse )

    EDIT: Pictures~

    Possibly more to add later.


    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    I bring two MeMes stolen from a lot of people on my FL.

    1) Comment here and I'll comment back with my favorite icon of yours!

    2) Comment here and I'll tell you one thing that I like about you. Then go post it in your LJ and return the sentiment. You know the drill.

    Just comment with 1 or 2~ or both.

    =D new layout!

    Manga Next '06

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    Okay report time~

    Got up super early at 7:30 and started to get ready. Got into a fight with mom over coming home. She wanted me home at 6 and I was like “Buh?” I got her to at least say 10:30 but that meant I had to leave at 8:30. Oh well… this was 20 minutes before my train left but we got there somehow. So Thelesa, David and I went on our way to PennStation. We then wandered around for 20 minutes until our track was announced (did you know there’s a Staples and K-mart in there? We had a blast). We then rode the 5 minute ride to Secaucus Junction and arrived in all it’s freezing glory. I suddenly felt sick and needed bathroom time while they called a cab. When my stomach was calm and we found out how to get out we did and took what we thought was the cab we called… but it was unmarked and no counter and Thelesa just said “It’s our cab.” Which I later found out it wasn’t. X_X I was afraid something was going to happen -hates cabs-

    Got there before 11 and it was… empty. I was like “Wow how early are we?” Apparently it was like this Friday too. We immediately met up with staci_chan (Staci) and was introduced to doorknocker_dog (Natasha), got our badges and took to wandering. Found nerdraeg (Maddie) quite tired and exhausted in an Al t-shirt… XD; I later found it, it was cute! I changed into Ryoma with Staci's help (...yes, Tezuka helped Ryoma change ;>_>) In the dealers room Staci and I found CinePuri stickers and a phone thingy~ So cool so cool! I don’t know what to do with the stickers though… Didn’t buy much and then went to Artist Alley and got pictures and some commissions done by two really nice people. David went and played that BLEACH game and after some goings around I played too. XD Sorry Byakuya, I ruined your character.

    When we were done with that we met up with shmeebs (Jenni), her Mellow, and someone else to go get some food. We ended up meeting with uchihanick Nick and a Rob and Nintendo-boy (XD; wow I got a great remembrance for names…) At the deli we ordered food… but this bitchy mom and her 4 girls made sure to get top priority and so those who wanted breakfast missed it. They guy was pretty rude though… got mah frenh fries and headed out to where everyone else was sitting and we ate and talked. Jenni told us about her trip to Japan and the *pnish* show and after molesting my Gin t-shirt let me shake her hand for Tuti, Moriyama, Daiki and Wasshio XD;

    We headed back and talked about the prince of tennis where the infamous line “I wish Ryoma would get hit by a car.” Was spoken and we were all horrified. After that we… Actually I’m not sure what we did. I think it involved searching for the Kaidoh cosplayer and where to cancel my panel. Well we did both but instead Staci took over my panel for me -hugs for Staci- I don’t know when but at some point we met Maddie again in her all glorious Ed costume. I couldn’t stop looking at her eyes @_@ so pretty. And short jokes were had. u_u she has my sympathies. (I was ALSO a short character)

    There really isn’t much to say as Natasha, Staci, David and I just walked around, sat in different spots and played some random games to keep us busy. We met random people and talked and stuff. During our sitting we met blackmarth (Tina) in her crazy spoiler Ichigo costume which gives me nightmares (Every time I see her, her costumes are more and more nightmare prone) But of course, non the less, amazing *_*. Cosplay chess was… interesting. I liked it a lot but the attacks where too drawn out and some of us couldn’t hear the lines. X3 I did enjoy what I could hear though! And… poor chess board. But my favorite cosplayer? COSMO! ZOMG! I first saw the cosplayer as pointed out by Staci in artist alley and got her picture, I didn’t know she was in chess! XD; I was so happy ….SHE EVEN HAD A NICKLE! PHILIP! Some character really had a good roleplaying going on. Like Gai-Sensei, the One Piece people (Oh god, Sanji killed me) and Ed, Cosmo and others… some… eh, I just felt they could’ve been better and not taken so long to kill. XDDD;; Ichigo as a special attack, that was awesome.

    After we decided what to order (somewhere around here we found Thelesa again…yeeeeeah. She kinda disappeared on us) and after some figuring out of prices got ourselves a pizza pie and free French fries and ate. At this time it was… Thelesa, Natasha, Staci, David, me and Kaidoh cosplayer. WE PLAYED SEIGAKU GAME. YEY. Spazzed about the musicals did some “OH TUTI” things and listened in on the duck duck goose game. After we ate, (we had some food left and gave it to a Goku) we went to the main events room and sat outside with springstar (Brittney) and Carly. Talked about different conventions and costumes and other things. They were so cool and when I found out they were the Miwako and Yukari I was so surprised! (Because those costumes were amazing) Tina as Marlexia and her friend, yeu (Yeu) as someone from Trinity Blood met up with us and we started our own line. Uwah! Sorry Yeu we didn’t come Friday or Sunday as prince of tennis characters! XD; Was so happy, though, to find someone else who enjoyed the musicals and series. Our line was told to move so we did… and I had to go home.

    So Thelesa, David and I took a random cab home (Wow I feel bad for the actual cab we called both times) marked Abe‘s cab… -prince of tennis moment- to the station and came home to recover.

    X3 All in all.. It was a good con but hopefully next year (hopefully even more there will be a next year!) there will be a bit more to do.

    Anime Next 2006 Pictures Part III

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away

    One more post.

    Sorry for the spam.

    Read more...Collapse )

    Those are my pictures, report later.

    Part I
    Part II

    Anime Next 2006 Pictures part II

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    mojotmonkey said my pictures make computer go bomb so I split it.

    Read more...Collapse )

    Part I
    Part III

    Anime Next 2006 Part I

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    Anime Next was a lot of fun, I was able to take alot more pictures because I didn't have

    the masquerade.

    Here are some of the fandoms;
    Kingdom Hearts II
    Death Note
    One Peace
    BLEACH (and the gaint photoshoot)
    Yu Yu Hakushou
    Ouran Host Club
    Ouran Host Club/Prince of Tennis
    Paradise Kiss
    FullMetal Alchemist
    Ninja Banana
    Digimon 02

    Read more...Collapse )

    Anime Boston 2006 Pictures

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away

    I know, I've been slacking off but here are FINALLY my Anime Boston 2006 pictures, and

    here are some of the fandom's they're from.
    Prince of Tennis
    Trigun/Cowboy Bebop
    Cowboy Bebop
    Neon Genesis Evangelion/Prince of Tennis

    Read more...Collapse )

    Anime Boston 2006

    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    Anime Boston was.. WOW.

    THURSDAYRead more...Collapse )

    FRIDAYRead more...Collapse )

    SATURDAYRead more...Collapse )

    SUNDAYRead more...Collapse )

    That’s the convention. Despite the few snags in the road I had a GREAAAT-OOOOO time. I hope everyone else did too. Shout outs come later when I’m more coherent. But here I leave you with some videos.

    Sexy Window Dancing from room 1551 via South Tower
    Masquerade You can see us, we random pop up in uniform.
    Vic Migoahfaih singing Brothers

    I would like to thank everyone of the tenimyu_east group + Conner who calmed me down went I went crazy and tolerated me when I went into Daiki-leader-chan mode.


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    Snagged from madbunni

    IP logging, off. Anonymous posting is on.

    Is there something you always wanted to say to me or ask me but were too afraid/polite to do so? Now is the time to do it.

    Friend removal

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    taking off friends who I haven't talked to in years, are inactive like WOAH or moved on to another journal. If you actually still read this let me know and I'll add ya back on.

    xwishingstar |-| xfallingshadows |-| redfox1989 |-| muffin_feind |-| hybrid_ookami |-| forkthewidgets |-| circa_1989 |-| blaze0805 |-| wenlamm

    A MeMe for j00

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    Post anonymously:

    1. One secret.
    2. One compliment.
    3. One non-compliment.
    4. One love note. It doesn't have to be for me.
    5. Lyrics to a song.
    6. And a hint to who you are.

    20 Facts About Fuji Yuuta

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    This is writen for the Twenty Facts challenge right here

    I luff Yuuta, I couldn't resist not writing something on him! So on to... Twenty facts about Fuji Yuuta

    Starting with the number one...Collapse )
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    Going to Anime Boston 2006?

    Enjoy the Prince of Tennis, as well as the musical?

    Do you enjoy singing and or dancing?

    If you have answered yes, or are just curious please read on.

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    If this isn’t allowed please feel free to delete this.

    Cross posted on tenimyu , tenipuri , pot_cosplay , and jubeichan

    RANDOMMEME snagged from nancyboynoire

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    Respond anonymously, and see if I can guess who you are.

    Tell me...
    1. One secret.
    2. One compliment.
    3. One non-compliment/one complaint.
    4. One love note.
    5. Lyrics to a song.
    6. And a hint to who you are.


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    No More Words.

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    It's 2am. I'm insane do you know that? Yes, well now you do.

    My first fic in four years. My first Golden Pair fic ever.

    Title: No More Words
    Author: Julie jubeichan
    Pairing: Kikumaru/Oishi
    Disclaimer: I don't own anything of the prince of tennis. AT ALL.
    Notes: Just watched Voices of a Distant Star and this came to mind. Is along the same story line.
    Special thanks to:::
    mulanreflection For fist reading it through
    alchemy_of_yaoi For saying it was a good sad and undertsanding me.
    sleepy_syusuke ^_^ for encouraging me and helping me.
    brightdreamer For being an AMAZING proof reader who survived my lovely grammer.
    Summery: AU, set in the future where space travel is possible. How will the golden pair take it being spilt up... forever?

    Has it been that long?Collapse )

    Feedback is welcomed ^_^.


    PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away
    Do you have any secrets?

    Is there anything -- serious, severe, silly, so-be-it -- you've always wanted to say?

    No IP tracking, left open to public so you can post anonymously.

    Anime Boston '05


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